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It only takes one small improvement with your interior to make a dramatic change.   Your customers and employees will see and feel the difference.

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Theo Spargo offers Hire plants, one off fit-outs and pre look plant staging to ensure a look that will make your customers, employees and yourself feel feel at home. 

Hire Plants

It all starts with an idea...

At Theo Spargo we pride ourselves with helping on any project.  We use a range of lush and interesting plants as well as NZ made and international planters. We are able to source and create plant based products NZ wide... just in touch for a quote!

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pre made installations available for your space

Browse Theo Spargo's range of timeless products for your interior.  From pre made installations, Planters or Statement Hire plants...

Plant Animal - Tree Frog

Plant Animal - Tree Frog

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