Plantstraws is a creative studio and product, online store and instagram account established in 2019 by Elin Fyhr.

The original Plantstraw is used for self watering house plants. 

These are great for your house plants if you go away on holiday or if you’re simply forgetful with watering. Providing a constant supply of water when needed these are great for plants such as Fittonias, Ferns, Philodendrons, Alocasias, Baby tears, Pitcher plants and more...

Important note with Brass plant straws... it’s here to grow old with you as it ages to a deep brown in contact with soil and air.  Just like you and your plants, she'll only become more beautiful with time. 
A timeless classic in its purest form

ps. can also be polished to forever glimmer in gold


As one end of a cord is soaked under water, capillary action moves water to the drier side in a constant stride for balance. This is a slow process, where a a low but even level of water is made available to your plant. The moisture level is simply adjusted by using a longer section of cord in the soil. 

The plantstraws can also be used as a siphone, meaning water is pushed to your plant and the vase is emptied faster. This happens when the cord is already completely saturated upon setup, and the water level in the vase is above the outlet of the straw. As this could over water small plants or even cause water to leak out on to the floor, make sure the cord is moist but not soaked upon setup.