I can’t choose... can you?

Small dimensions - 10cm high ,  11cm wide

Medium dimensions - 15cm high  , 15cm wide 

Large dimensions - 20cm wide , 21cm wide 

Holly Morgan is a Ceramicist based in the Hawkes Bay New Zealand, she is the founder, designer, and maker behind studio pottery business Morganmade.  Morganmade is a unique studio & store located in the Art Deco quarter of Napier city centre. Holly makes and sells her pots in the window of the store and loves sharing the creative process with the public - an art that is usually tucked away in the rural areas of NZ or hidden in garages and studios off the beaten track. 

The planters are made with clay sourced from the Waikato NZ, and have a blend of iron sand in them from various beaches around NZ. They're thrown in a rustic organic style, kind of like an oversized chawan tea bowl. Each with its own unique characteristics, curves, and throwing lines from Holly's fingertips traced up the outer edges - a wabi sabi style, quite different to her typical throwing technique. A white finish with coromandel clay wrapped around the sides, makes them unique and timeless in style so they will stand the test of time. They are fully vitrified and glazed in the appropriate places, therefore if you need to clean your planter - simply place it in the dishwasher and it will come up as new.