Theo Spargo has been evolving into the business it is today for 5 years.  Based in New Zealand, It starting out with selling potted succulents in a back yard to now, where we offer plant hireage, commercial and residential fit-outs and installations, interior consultations as well as stocking retailers.  Our aim is add timeless products and plants into people's homes and businesses to make yourself and employees fall in love with their interior's even more.
Bringing the outdoors in has always been a passion. With our growing range of products, we aim to supply our customers with only the best as we value your desired outcome for your interior.  Whether that be a rustic metal look with statement large plants or a clean scandi theme with a few rows of white potted succulents. 
Based In Auckland and Tauranga we travel the North island providing services such as...
/ styling for residential
/ Plant styling and designing for commercial spaces
/ Plant consultations
/ Plant sourcing and plant hire
/ Plant care and maintenance

and coming soon... Plant workshops