Theo Spargo Is a small business that I,  Theo have created in Tauranga.  My business focuses on the improvement of your space, specifically adding life with botanical good and services.
My unique business provides people with not only the opportunity to buy just plants, but too add uniquely sourced and created pieces that instantly adds character and life into your space or makes your customers and employees feel at home, feel relaxed and less stressed in their daily life.
Why choose Theo Spargo?

Other than offering all your botanical needs… Theo Spargo has a fresh and creative outlook on the plants that are offered to you.  Always providing healthy plants and advice that will keep them alive forever, the goal is to improve your space. Any Botanical Idea can be made reality with Theo Spargo,  with a distinct style that's creative, fresh and new, an empty space is just a step away from making it the best it can be for yourself and others.
Offering plant hire, retail products, installations and other services. Theo Spargo is diverse and can tend to your needs as a new, old or aspirational plant parent, owner or admiraor!
Everyone from your friends to your customers will be in awe with the plants you have…
Back story.
I swear I came out of the womb  with an entrepreneurial heart!  I can remember selling my toys on the side of my street at a young age.  I’d grab a mate and we’d make signs and stay out all day until our parents dragged us back in.  From selling fruit on the side of the road to crafting wall hangings and selling them, I’ve always found ways to incorporate my creative and resourceful mind to do things.  All of that has pushed me to this point in life, where I’ve only just begun to grow and learn about myself and what I'm capable of with my business.
The Future...
My hopes for this business is to make inspiring business connections, grow as a person, build and brand for myself and my work and one day employe another passionate soul so i can explore the world or another country for a short amount of time to improve my life and my business - to keep it ahead of the trent and always creative, fresh and new.  Theo Spargo is a young small business that is growing fast, my journey is taking me into events and weddings and as always I’ll step into this venture with an open mind and put my unique mind to work to create and provide products that will inspire, wow and help my customer market.