Plant Hire / Fit-outs

Add life into your space with Theo Spargo Plants

From renting plants to offering advice on the best options for you or simply fitting out your space, Theo Spargo provides a solution to making your space fresher... adding that new dimension and atmosphere.

Unlike others, options are boundless here.  Simply contact me with any inquires and we can discuss ways to get exactly what you want... 

Plant Hire

Plant hire is available to the Tauranga region.
Any interior space whether it's a studio, cafe, business office or an open home for real estate, all these spaces can be improved by well-chosen and well-placed plants. They add dimension to a room, bringing it to life with their freshness, color, and texture.

Renting plants relieves you from worrying about keeping them alive. I can assist with styling and help create your place become compelling.  A space where buyers, customers, and employees can fall in love with the space that they're in.


  • Discuss options that will best suit you, and provide adviceonstyling elements and the best plant choices.
  • Provide weekly care for the plants to ensure they thrive in yourspace.
  • Give you the best options for planters and plants.
  • Provide free delivery for plants and planters.
  • Minimum of a 4-week hire, but can also quote by day hire.

Fit Outs

From wanting a specific plant + pot combo to me meeting with you for a brief consultation about the best plant options I could provide for your space... Theo Spargo can offer services to suit your living green needs!
Do you have a space that needs to be more uplifting and alive?
I can provide my knowledge and services to help make you fall in love with your space by adding plants. With a brief consultation and a few questions, we're able to get plants into your space that you like! Ensuring you get your desired look I'm able to provide many options of plants, pots, and accessories you may want.
Contact me with your enquiries and we can get your space looking lush!

A wide range of plants are available, simply let me know what you'd love!