Theo Spargo Services

Monthly or One Off luxury plant care:

This services Is for business that already have Theo Spargo plants bought by a fit-out option, or business that already have their own plants and need some extra help ensuring their plant game stays strong.  We want to make sure each individual plant stays healthy and is growing to its full potential.

This services cost’s - $65.00 

  • Premium slow release fertiliser for each plant. 
  • Moister test on the plants soil to tell you whether your watering cycle needs to change. 
  • Advice on whether you need to move plants depending on the lighting situation and season.
  • Pruning or freshen up of the plants in your space - e.g. cutting of dead/broken leaves, cutting branches that get in the way.
  • Replacement or a change of plants which includes receiving credit to purchase a plant equal or less in value.
  • Expert advice and solutions for any plant problems that you may have. 

Pre - plant planning:

This service is for homes, cafes, studios or any space in which you want a large amount of plants installed.  It’s a process getting plants for your space and it needs to be done right.
With Theo Spargo you can discuss ideas before the fit-out, ensuring to create a space worthy for yourself, employees or customers.
In this planning process I can provide plant options that best suit the physical environment of your space… That means taking into consideration what type of light the space gets, if theres other elements like heaters or air conditioners disrupting the environment your plants may be placed in.
We can also plan installations into your space… if not ones from the Theo Spargo collection, ones that I could possibly make especially for you and your space. 
Once details and general ideas are in place I can either come to your space and install a rough assortment of plants into place so you’re able to get an idea together.  Doing this can sometime encourage you to purchase more or less plants or try a different idea.
After this I can start sourcing pots, plants and decorations, keeping you in the loop at the way to ensure a look and style you want. 
Lets get in touch so we can sort something out for you!